Examples of services:

Active participation in military vessels building, refitting and repairing programs:

Surface vessels:

  • Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier
  • Landing platform docks
  • Frigates, tripartite class mine-hunters (« CMT »)…

Work on submarines:

  • IA M51 program on SSBNs Le Vigilant and Le Triomphant
  • Participation in the building of SSBNs Le Terrible, Barracuda
  • Work on periodic interventions for maintenance and repair (« IPER ») (Ouessant, Téméraire, Inflexible…)

Work on technical stops on all types of civilian vessels:

  • Tugs
  • Oceanographic research
  • Tankers
  • Cable ships
  • Offshore

Participation in offshore rigs building

Work on all types of circuits:

Hydraulic, diesel, compressed air…

Means implemented:

Analysis of your projects and consideration of following elements:

  • Flexibility calculations
  • Expansion calculations
  • Supporting calculations
  • Circuits dimensioning checks
  • Implementation and planning methodology
  • Operating process for handling and associated calculation notes
  • Drafting of specifications of welding procedures (« DMOS ») in line with the qualifications of welding procedures (« QMOS ») having been validated by an approved body
  • Logistical and storage capacities

Staff qualification:

  • EN 287-1 qualified welders (TIG, MIG, EE…) – all types of materials
  • Automatic welding with welding head
  • Rolling scaffolds mounting and check
  • Ground driving of bridge cranes, fitters, etc…
  • R4323-106 (French Labour Code) works-at-height authorisation
  • Safe driving aptitude certificate (CACES) (Categories 3 and 9)
  • Asbestos authorisation (subsection 4)
  • HP testing up to 400 bar
  • ATEX, COFREN II, RNE authorisations…

Our infrastructures